If you are a corneal transplant candidate, you probably have had trouble seeing for a period of time. You have likely worn glasses and/or contact lenses and used a variety of eye medications. If you are interested in having a corneal transplant please discuss your options with your ophthalmologist.

A cornea transplant will not cure a disease rather it will restore sight to one that has become blind as a result of a corneal blindness.  Common causes of corneal blindness are:

1. Trauma/ infection to the cornea
2. Keratoconus (cornea become cone shaped)
3. Fuch's Dystrophy
4. Pseudophakic Bullous Keratopathy
5. Corneal degeneration

Once you and your doctor decide that cornea transplantation is the appropriate solution for you, your doctor will request tissue from The North Carolina Eye Bank that specifically fits your surgery needs.  

Writing to Donor Families

Your decision to write to your donor family is very personal,  and it is completely up to you the message you would like to share. For some donor families, this can be part of the healing process, a reassurance that they made a wonderful decision to help others in their time of grief. We honor each family member and recognize that every individual heals in their own personal way. Sometimes, donor families choose to write back after receiving correspondence and want to share information about themselves and their loved one. The North Carolina Eye Bank facilitates written correspondence between the donor family and corneal transplant recipients.

If you would like to write to your donor family, please send a card or letter.

Information you may want to include: About yourself...

  • Your job or occupation
  • Your family...wife, children, grandchildren
  • Your hobbies or interest
  • Did you celebrate a birthday or have any other major event since you transplant? 

Talk about your transplant experience.

  • Use simple language
  • Recognize the donor family and thank them for their gift

What was the wait like for you and your family?

  • Explain how your vision has improved and changed your life.
  • Can you participate in more activities now?

Closing your card or letter:

  • Sign your first name only
  • Do not include your address or phone number

Mail to:

The North Carolina Eye Bank
3900 Westpoint Blvd., Suite F
Winston-Salem, NC  27103
Atten: Family Care Coordinator

*The eye bank will mail your correspondence with complete confidentiality.