The North Carolina Eye Bank

Each year The North Carolina Eye Bank (NCEB) provides corneas for over 3,000 transplants, with additional tissue being provided for research and training.


Eye Donation Facts

Over 90% of all corneal transplant operations successfully restore the recipient's vision!

For every one solid-organ donor in the United States, there are 10 individuals who donate their eyes and tissue.

Over 40,000 corneal grafts are used for transplant in the United States each year, with an additional 15,000 graphs distributed internationally. 

Eye Banks have successfully met the U.S. need for corneal and sclera tissue for several years. There are no patient waiting lists at this time. Surgeons request the tissue once a surgery date has been scheduled.

Each year in the United States more than 50,000 people have their sight restored through cornea transplantation and hundreds of thousands are helped through important research to find cures for other blinding diseases.

Source: The Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA)